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About Us

Our Mission

Our Charter Aircraft on the Tarmat

Gulf Coast Aviation Charter seeks to become the transportation provider of choice for all your business and pleasure travel within the region.

A Better Way to Travel

Cirrus Cirrus Interior

Gulf Coast Aviation Charter would like to introduce you to a new way of thinking about your Organization's Business Travel. Have you or your employees' productivity suffered as a direct result of hours stuck in an automobile or at an airport? In this economy, when businesses are trying to do more with less, time is at a premium, and we can help.

Our current service can often beat either automobiles or airlines on a total trip-cost basis when one or two people need to travel between 100 and 400 miles from New Orleans(places like Shreveport, Monroe, Beaumont, Destin, Jackson, Gulf Shores, Alexandria, etc..)

Enjoy XM Radio, in-flight catering, your favorite newspaper, and the ability to work productively while traveling. Throw in the fact that you won't have to arrive an hour early or wait around in airports for a return flight and you'll be clearly ahead of your competition.

We are located at New Orleans Lakefront Airport, but can also arrange for our aircraft to meet you at New Orleans International, Baton Rouge Rouge Metropolitan, or any other airport in the vacinity.

Our People

Gulf Coast Aviation Charter was founded by a New Orleans native with a passion for aviation and an eye for a service that was currently not being offered to the New Orleans business community.  Our team members undergo background checks, regular drug testing, continuous skills training, and FAA inspections in order to be able to deliver to you the absolute safest in short-range air transportation.

Our FAA Air Carrier Certificate Number is U3XA044M

Our Aircraft - Cirrus SR22

Gulf Coast Aviation Charters

Our state-of-the-art Cirrus SR22 will deliver you to your meetings in style. It is the perfect vehicle to beat the airlines or automobiles on both a time and trip cost basis to meetings within 100 and 400 miles of your home.


Our Cirrus must undergo rigorous FAA inspections to ensure that it is always ready to enable you to travel safely.


No more arriving an hour early for a flight, being stuck in an airport waiting for a layover, or wasting billable hours behind the wheel of a car. Let our aircraft put you miles ahead of your competition.


The aircraft contains XM Radio onboard for you, and an XM Satellite weather data link for your pilot.  Your pilot will always have the best information available to make your arrival safe.  The aircraft is even better equipped than most airliners.

The Parachute

And yes - there is a parachute. The Cirrus contains a parachute that, in the very unlikely event that it is needed, will float the aircraft and all occupants to safety.


Our online reservation system allows you to find the closest airport to even the most remote destination on the Gulf Coast. Request a quote, select your in-flight meal from our menu, even setup pre and post-flight travel.

Wherever you want to go, there's an airport nearby. Let Gulf Coast Aviation Charter take you there.